About ariel


Ariel Leaty is a comedian, actress, and writer from New Jersey, but she's far from the "Jersey Shore" stereotype. Born to strict Hispanic parents in a suburban town, she learned to use humor in order to weave in and out of spaces where she didn't quite belong. Diagnosed with Leukemia in 2014, she is currently on the path to being officially cured. As for her chemo-induced mood swings? They're another matter entirely.

Ariel's standup explores her hardships with relationships, battling depression, grappling with religion, and being racially ambiguous. But, who are we kidding? She mostly talks about her pussy. Currently, she produces and and co-hosts a popular monthly stand-up comedy showcase called Culture Vultures, with a focus on women, POC, and LGBTQ acts. In her limited spare time, she also co-hosts and produces The WAS Podcast with fellow shit-talker, Reggie Parker.

In addition to being a rising star in the tri-state stand-up comedy scene, she graduated from the prestigious UCB Theater for improv, writes sketch comedy, and is a trained voice actress. Ariel spends her days Tweeting hot takes into the abyss, waxing poetic about late 90's/early 00's hip-hop and R&B, and sharing her comedy with anyone who will listen. She's an act you won't soon forget.